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Top 10 Canadian Snacks

Canada is a country known for many unique characteristics. It’s beautiful landscape, friendly inhabitants and diverse culture to name a few. As we celebrate the 150th birthday of our nation, we’ve taken some time to build a list of the amazing snacks that call Canada home.

Here are the top 10 Canadian made snacks:


Nestle Smarties are one of Canada’s most iconic chocolate snacks. These candy-coated pieces of round chocolate closely resemble Mars’ M&M’s but their shells are way crunchier! Originally, Smarties was created in the UK but have since opened a manufacturing facility in the early 1900’s. Contrary to popular belief, eating this snack will not make you any smarter. You can find these chocolates pretty much anywhere but ask yourself this question… when’s the last time you picked some up?

Ketchup Chips

Ketchup seems extremely run of the mill for us Canadians but to the rest of the world, this is a confusion concept, until they try Ketchup Chips for the first time #mindblown. I’ll admit that the thought of eating ketchup as a potato snack seems odd but any Canadian who enjoys flavored chips (except for your weird friend who doesn’t enjoy any flavored chips) will tell you that these are da bomb!

Enjoying the dry components of ketchup only makes sense when you’ve tried them. You can taste the vinegar, citric acid, cooked tomatoes and sugar with a crunch crispy potato snack.

Although there are different variations of the ketchup chip snack, we believe that Lay’s did it best and is therefore the most classic. Debate us if you will.

Maple Cookies

Canada is known for anything maple. This is a badge that we wear with honor. As a result, a lot of our home grown snacks are inspired, created with, or dipped in, maple.

One of the more common maple cookies known around the world are Dare Ultimate Maple Leaf. Think two Toronto Maple Leaf logos stuck together with maple cream filling in between. These buttery cookies complete with a generous layer of sugary maple cream have been on our store shelves for many years and will continue to stock the shelves as long as the maple trees grow.

Coffee Crisp

Nestle Coffee Crisp is the second Nestle chocolate bar that is unique to Canada. The perfect combination of chocolate, coffee and wafer is the perfect example of how not everything needs to have 1000 flavors. Sometimes simple is best and Coffee Crisp is certainly simple, classic and a proud snack of Canada. Like it or not!

Aero Bar

Aero Bar will be the last Nestle product of our top 10. It is clear by this list that Nestle has been a huge factor in the Canadian chocolate market. Aero is another simple concept that has captured the hearts and sweet teeth of many Canadians. Aero is simply milk chocolate with air bubbles in the middle. The air bubbles melt away in your mouth creating a sensation that is quite unique in consistency and flavor.

Caramilk Bar

As a kid, we would raise money for our schools by selling cases and cases of Cadbury’s tasty Caramilk Bar. I still remember going door to door with my parents in the neighbourhood trying to sell more cases than my fellow classmates. Nowadays, the nostalgic taste of Caramilk will always remind me of my childhood. Caramilk is another simple treat with irresistible flavor and their successful marketing, similar to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, was always making us guess how they would get the caramel into the center of each individual piece.

I still have no clue… and yet, I love this chocolate bar.

All Dressed Chips

Another potato chip, another intriguing flavor that Canadians love. It’s interesting to note that more and more, chip producers are trying their hand at replicating outrageous flavors that more recently include poutine, chalet sauce and Montreal smoked meat. Although I’m not sure if any or all of these flavors will stick, I do know that All Dressed Chips will always remain one of the stapled of the Canadian chip industry. Ketchup, salt, vinegar, barbecue, sour cream and onion are just some of the seasonings that you will find in this power bag of potato chips.

Kerr’s Candy

If you’re a true Canadian, then you will recognize this iconic brand of candy that has circulated our great country since 1895. That’s over 100 years! One thing you might not know is that Kerr’s has been innovating as of recently and has come out with new lines of great hard candies and chews. If you’re keeping your eye out then you’ll see these new flavors in your local stores.

Mackintosh’s Creamy Toffee

Originally an English treat, Mackintosh Toffee was brought into Canada and quickly became one of the most sought after treats with it’s unique blend of hard and soft consistency. Although simple in appearance, this candy bar has survived for over 100 years and is now available in most stores as a grab and go treat that Canadians love.


I can’t just choose one product because the Maynards line is so epic. We’ve seen these products at the stores, the movie theatre and in our loot bags. Swedish Berries, Fuzzy Peaches, Cherry Blasters and Sour Patch Kids are all amazing grab and go candies that we’ve become accustomed to enjoying over the years. Tangy, sour, chewy and just plain awesome, Maynards will continue to provide their top notch products from coast to coast.

Shoutouts to some of the products that we weren’t able to include on this list:
Wunderbar, Crispy Crunch, Crunchie, Maltesers, Mr. Big and Glosette Raisins

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