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The countdown to the June box has begun:
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Back at it again with the candy boxes!

Let’s set the scene. It’s April, the sun is shining, the snow has melted and you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your monthly candy box. The doorbell rings, you race for the door, and you happily accept the green box filled with the surprise candy and chocolate that you’ve been waiting for.

Below, on our breakdown blog, we have started to include the Instagram feed from other customers that eagerly await opening their boxes every month. We thank all of you that bring us into your homes and take photos ripping into your colorful candy. Enjoy the camera roll of customers who enjoy Project Candy Box month after month.

As we move into the summer months, your candy box will shift to a more temperature safe assortment. We will limit the number of chocolate items included in your box because they do not transfer well in the summer heat.

But enough technical mumbo jumbo… lets bring you up to speed with the godlike items we’ve included in your box this month.

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Chewy RedHots – Sizzling Sour
Country: United States of America

We are really excited about this theatre size box of new Chewy RedHots. Brought to you by the very popular Ferrara Candy Company, this box includes one million (who’s counting) red hot spheres loaded with chewy, sweet and sour Tamarind root flavoring. The assortment of flavor profiles really creates a layered candy experience that our team really enjoyed. We won’t need to warn you about savoring this treat as the heat is quite powerful in this box. You may want to enjoy these RedHots over a few sessions.

Country: United States of America

We featured this on one of our Instagram posts and a bunch of our followers got very excited about the prospect of receiving these chocolate coated treats. Whatchamacallits have been around since the 1970’s which is quite apparent when you take a look at this old school commercial. Do you remember this?

The packaging for Whatchamacallit remains very classic. This Hershey’s treat has not been modified since its inception. The flavors of chocolate, peanut crisps and caramel (the trifecta) have also remained the same over 40 years.

Jelly Tots
Country: United Kingdom

Let’s start our trip oversees with month with these awesome Jelly Tots. Sooooooo this is a huge bag of chewy, sugar powder dusted gummies. #heaven. You will be chewing on these for next few weeks so enjoy the sucking the powdered sugar off and sinking your teeth into real fruit flavors of blackcurrant, strawberry, lemon, lime and orange. /p>

Double Decker
Country: United Kingdom

Moving on to a more chocolatey treat. Suggested by the name, Double Decker is a tall order with a top deck of chewy nougat and a bottom deck of crispy cereal all surrounded in creamy milk chocolate. The name of this old school chocolate bar refers back to the double checker buses that don’t really exist anymore except for city tours and in the movies. If you think protein bars are filling, then get ready for this hungry man chocolate dinner.

Sponge Toffee
Country: Canada

It’s amazing how something so simple has created such a legacy. Included in your box this month is a nice pieces of sponge toffee (Exclusive Candy brand). This is a pretty well known item that can be found at carnivals, in your local grocery store and even in specialty candy stores. The interesting thing about sponge toffee is just how simple it is. A few ingredients such as sugar, corn syrup, water and baking soda and you can make this in your own kitchen!

So where have you seen this before? Melt in your mouth airy sponge toffee has been the most famous inside Canada’s very own Cadbury Crunchie bar. Milk chocolate surrounds a nice long piece of golden sponge toffee. Enjoy!
Fun fact: Sponge toffee also goes by the following names:

  • Honeycomb Toffee
  • Cinder Toffee
  • Sponge Candy

Wilhelmina Peppermunt
Country: The Netherlands

No that was not a typo. Peppermunt is Dutch for Peppermint and the Dutch know how peppermint is really supposed to taste. When you opened your candy box this month, you probably got a nice whiff of this amazing peppermint smell. This mint is very strong and very well made. Enjoy a full roll of these white mints with beautiful engravings on them.

Japanese Fruit Mix Bubble Gum
Country: Japan

Our featured Asian candy of this month is some very tasty bubble gum. As per usual, the packaging is interesting creating a mosaic of different flavors all rolled into one. This isn’t your typical Excel brand gum. Work your way through this gum slowly and make sure not to share. What’s your favorite flavor? #projectcandybox.

People Pop
Country: Canada

People Pop is a fun new way to play with your food. This cute sucker in the shape of a person comes in a variety of creamsickle flavors and is manufactured in Canada. The instructions are simple and written right on the packaging. Just twist the body to expose the lollipop and begin to lick the top portion of the lollipop to reveal the tube that hides all the sprinkles. Then all you have to do is cover the lid and shake the People Pop to cover the pop with all those beautiful sprinkles. Lots of fun, give it a try!

Cadbury Boost
Country: United Kingdom

Our last item from the UK is a really tasty chocolate bar filled caramel and biscuit. Even though it looks small, boost packs a serious dose of sugar. This one can fill you up on its own because it is so thick, sticky and dense. I originally thought that the name of this bar suggested that there was some extra caffeine element in it but it turns out that the boost just refers to the aforementioned density. Live and learn!

Sweet Tarts – Giant Chews
Country: United States of America

Sweet Tarts have been around for a little while and have always been a crowd pleaser. These Giant Chews are a bit different in terms of general texture and overall experience. The package comes with 4 massive tarts of different flavors and they start off hard but then quickly start to soften in your mouth. Weirdly enough, out of all the interesting candy and chocolate in this month’s box, the Giant Chews are one of the best items of the batch!

What is your top choice in this month’s box? Post your favorite on our Facebook page so we can include it in our official ranking at the end of the month.