Project Candy Box - Pages Blog-3-16
The countdown to the June box has begun:
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Welcome back and welcome to all our new candy box owners. Project Candy Box is back stacking boxes for Canadians and delivering that real candy experience that you won’t get in your local grocery store. Enjoy our Box Breakdown Blog for March. We will walk through all the items in your box so you know exactly what you are eating and where it is from.

This month we are featuring items from the Netherlands, the UK and South Korea. As well, we have provided some Easter treats and a bunch of other fun candy and chocolate. As we move towards the warmer months of the year, we are conscious of how temperature affects our boxes during shipments and will provide less chocolate and more candy throughout the warm Canadian summer.

So let’s talk about the candy shall we?

Cadbury Twirl
Country: United Kingdom

We are kicking things off with this flakey treat from the UK. Twirl is pure chocolate flakes that are dipped in more milk chocolate. The flakey chocolate melts in your mouth almost instantly and we know from previous milk chocolate from the UK, it is purer because it is made with less wax. Twirl comes in pairs much like a Twix bar. Break off a piece, put in on your tongue and get ready for some melty, flakey, milk chocolate.

Kanjers Oroginele Stroopwafels
Country: The Netherlands

If you’ve never tried Stroopwafels then you have really been missing out. What we have here is known as Dutch syrup waffle. Specifically, you will dine on two layers of baked dough filled with a caramel-like syrup. These Stroopwafels are all the rage in The Netherlands. You can find them baked fresh in the Dutch markets. We can consider this the Dutch version of street food! A fun fact is that Stroopwafel has been known to be enjoyed in a certain way. Usually, the Dutch set these treats over a hot beverage so that they can be enjoyed warm!

Hersheys Mounds
Country: USA

Yes, we said Hershey so we are definitely talking about our neighbours to the south. Lots of candy and chocolate are made in America and we get to take advantage of all of them. Mounds is a dark chocolate bar stuffed with coconut. This is not a sprinkle of coconut we are talking about here, this is chunky “mounds” of island fruit wrapped in a dark chocolate coating. Definitely worth a taste.

Shock Rocks – Cotton Candy
Country: USA

If you don’t love the taste of cotton candy, then you just shouldn’t be here! Carnivals, circuses, festivals are always enjoyed best with fluffy cotton candy. These cotton candy flavored Shock Rocks give you the fun pop on your tongue with that real cotton candy flavor.

Dots Tropical
Country: USA

Talk about chewy! Dots are a staple of American confectionary since 1945 and we see them on many different holidays including Halloween and Christmas. Dots Tropical include 5 new flavors of gummies including: Island Nectar, Wild Mango, Paradise Punch, Grapefruit Cooler and Carambola Melon. All of these new flavors and colors are incredibly tasty. Enjoy them!

Lotte Pepero Original
Country: South Korea

Taste the crunchy cookie flavor of Pepero! This Korean staple by the popular Lotte company is one of simplicity and tradition, much like the Japanese Pocky treats. These milk chocolate coated sticks of cookie are enjoyed best with a glass of milk and some friends!

Chewits - Strawberry and Fruit Salad
Country: United Kingdom

Another treat from across the pond. Don’t be fooled by the small package, these Chewits are packed with a burst of real fruit and are available in tons of different flavors including Black Currant, Apple and Tutti Frutti. You will be tasting either Strawberry or Fruit Salad.

Palmer Easter Eggs
Marshmallow Crème and Cookies and Crème

Of course we have to include some items for Easter… It’s only fair! This month on behalf of all the egg hunts out there we have included a juicy bag of either marshmallow crème or cookies and crème eggs. Share them with your friends or stuff your face. The choice is yours.

Nutty Club Pink Popcorn

Only cool people eat pink popcorn and we are bringing it to you in this month’s candy box. Pop these candy coated kernels into your mouth one at a time.

Airheads Xtremes – Blue Raspberry

The March Box would not be complete without a sour item. The Airheads Xtremes are caked in sour crystals and this blue raspberry flavor is always a hit. Peel apart these sour and sweet belt strips like you would play with your string cheese.

Candy Necklace

We saw this and knew we just had to include them in your box. For those of you who love wearable candy then you will be excited to walk into your next public event with some candy to nibble on around your neck. Perfect for awkward breaks in conversation. Make sure to snap a few pics and tag us when you throw your candy necklace around your neck #projectcandybox.

This concludes our candy box for the month of March. As per usual, get your video camera out and start your unboxing video for everyone to see. This will earn you $5 off your next box. We are always trying to offer our customers fun ways to save money so start reviewing your candy box and you will save!

See you next month with more fun and unique items!