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November Box 2016

It’s November 2016 and you can feel the seasons turning. This is the type of year when you say where did the year go? Well we couldn’t agree with you more! November for Project Candy Box marks the two-year anniversary of sending out candy boxes to Canadians. We are thrilled to have you on board opening candy boxes and trying new sweets every month.

This month is a beauty. We’ve got an amazing lineup of great items that you are guaranteed to love. New flavors such as lychee and mango, and powerful flavor profiles with rad pack gum will deliver sweet, sour, spicy and cooling all in one package.

We will also bring in chocolate, gummies and chips from across the world. Something that you love and we love to give you here at Project Candy Box.

Oh and don’t forget that next month will be our most anticipated box of the year with Christmas themed items to bring in the holidays and we have some awesome products lined up for 2017 as we bring on more partners and look to stuff your candy boxes with more awesome products.

We hope you enjoy your November box.

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Jolly Rancher Mango Crayon

We may have missed the start of the school year by a few months but this would be around the time when the kids have lost all of their supplies… right? In any case, Jolly Rancher has expanded it’s product line to include these cool crayons in a bunch of different flavors including strawberry, green apple, grape and mango. We’ve opted to include the mango crayon for you to try out this product.

In terms of Jolly Rancher products, this would be the most unique that we’ve seen from the candy giant. You will need to pop the top of the crayon to get this party started. You can use your hands to achieve this. Once the top is exposed you can then twist the bottom of the crayon to reveal the gooey mango flavored candy.

The consistency of this product is very different from normal. It is a grainy goo that leaks out from the top of the crayon. The can control the amount coming out by twisting. The flavors are absolutely what you would expect from the known Jolly Rancher products. Very powerful and sweet topped with a little bit of tarty sourness. The mango is refreshing and the crayon itself is a cool new spin on squeeze candy.

We gave it an 8/10. Very tasty Jolly Ranchers!

Revels – UK

Revels is a great chocolate item from the UK. For those of you that have never had them, Revels are a small bag of assorted milk chocolates with different centres. You get a random mix of orange cream, coffee cream, caramel, chocolate raisins, chocolate buttons and Maltesers.

But the catch is that it’s very difficult to tell exactly what you’re eating until you bite into it. You are basically playing Russian roulette every time you eat Revels. Here there is no gun and basically no fear of dying. Everybody wins!

Frazzles Crispy Bacon Crisps – UK

A little bag of chips with powerful taste is another imported item from the UK. Frazzles Crispy Bacon are salty and smoky crisps that have a real crunch in every bite. If you know your bacon as well as we do, you can taste the flavors. From all the chips that we’ve tried, none catch the smoky flavor was well as Frazzles. We can thank them for making the trip over to Canada for the purposes of your box!

Rad Pack Gum

Get ready for a flavor marathon with an item that you may not have seen at your local grocery store. Rad Pack contains five balls of gum all with a different taste. Depending on which end you tear open, you will receive gumballs with the following themes: Super Sour, Mouth Mess, Foaming Flavor, Ball of Fire and Extreme Cool.

Naturally some of these flavors sounds more amazing than others but all of them are fun to try. Without going in to detail on all of the gumballs (we can leave a bit of mystery for you), we will say that the Mouth Mess makes your tongue looks like you chugged a can of paint and the Super Sour gumball is way more sour than you would think. Handle with care!

Mike and Ike Zours

Anything spelt with a Zed are always better. This is a fact of life and it certainly applies to Mike and Ike Zours theatre pack included in your box. This healthy box of treats are so tasty that you’ll want to shove all of them into your mouth at once (you are allowed to do this because it’s your box, but we wouldn’t recommend it). If you don’t know Mike and Ike’s, they are chewy, tangy candies in the shape of large pills that are made with real fruit juice and pack tremendous flavor. There is no doubt that this is our top pick from the lengthy Mike and Ike product line.

Flavors include: Lemon, Green Apple, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Cherry.

Lot100 Lychee Gummies – Malaysia

We don’t often get many tropical flavors like Lychee so when we get the chance we normally jump on it! Carefully peel open the individual wrapped gummies and pop them into your mouth. The fact that they are individually wrapped means you can carry them around in your bag and share them easier with friends! These gummies from Lot100 are noticeably softer, unlike the tougher Wonka Randoms that you will see a little bit later. The result is a squishier consistency but still a great product.

Next time you’re in Malaysia, make sure to pick up a few of these big bags ;)

Blue Jays Chewy Candy Laces - Canada

Baseball may not be Canada’s game but those of us who know it sure are passionate about our Toronto Blue Jays. We wanted to feature these sour candy laces as an ode to the Blue Jays and to congratulate them on another great playoff appearance this year. Included in your box this month is a healthy dose of strawberry laces that are a nice balance of sweet and sour. The packaging reminds us a bit of the well known Big League Chew product. The stringy laces are closely related to the stringy gum that comes in a similar pouch.

Good luck to the 2017 Blue Jays!

Wonka Randoms – UK

Our last gummy of the blog will be focused on Wonka Randoms originating from the UK. Although they are not the most well known from the Wonka family, they have the flavor and they have the design.

The unique part about Wonka Randoms is that there are supposedly an endless variety of shapes. Every bag is different so part of the fun is figuring out what you’ve been given. You’ll also notice 3 different categories of gummy included in your pack. You have the normal transparent gummies, transparent gummies with foamy white backs and then the gooey filled gummies with foamy backs. IT’S JUST CRAZINESS! Tons of different flavors and shapes, it truly is a random experience.

Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations – Jelly Popping Candy - UK

You might think by looking at this chocolate bar that they will just put anything into chocolate these days but that is apparent with the Marvellous Creations by Dairy Milk. They have quite a few “different” creations out in the market but most if not all of them are exceptionally great! With the Jelly Popping Candy bar, you will be left wanting more after you are through.

You don’t need to stretch your imagination to visualize what this candy bar will taste like, but once it hits your lips you go on an adventure of chocolate and chewy. The small jelly beans that are baked into this chocolate bar work very well with smooth milk chocolate. The popping candy also adds to the whole carnival experience that is illustrated on the packaging. This combination works. Let us know if you want more Dairy Milk Creations and we can keep it going!

SweetTarts Soft and Chewy Rope

Our last item for the November box is the Sweet Tarts Soft and Chewy Rope also from the Wonka family. Enjoy four strips of chewy licorice filled with a creamy punch filling. There will be some temptation to suck out the punch filling like a straw but this is something that is quite impossible. Just bite off little chunks as these little licorice ropes are nothing short of cherry flavored gold.

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One more month of work and school left and then you can start thinking about your vacation! You’re December candy box will help you get there. See you in the snow next month!