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October Box 2016

Happy Halloween to everyone! This month, Project Candy Box has sourced a bunch of special items in honor of the holiday that introduced us all to overindulgence and stomach aches. We’ve made sure to keep the tradition going this month by providing you with a candy warm-up before the big night of trick-or-treating.

Along with some special Halloween themed treats we’ve sourced items from Europe and Asia to round out a beautifully curated October box that you are guaranteed to love!

Time to dive in and tell you a bit about the items that you will enjoy this month:

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Box of Boogers

The only time you won’t be embarrassed to eat some boogers is this month in your candy box. Enjoy these chewy gummies in a variety of flavors including Snottermelon (Watermelon), Sour Green Boogy (Green Apple) and Lemon Loogy (Lemon Lime). A fun way to play with your food in this theatre sized box of boogers.

Mega Monster Munch – United Kingdom

Another scary treat all the way from the UK is a flavorful bag of Mega Monster Munch. Enjoy a grab bag full of pickled onion dusted corn snacks. The crunch is intense and the sweet onion and pickle taste will explode in your mouth as you pop these gigantic corn hands into your mouth. One at a time is likely all that you can handle (even for the biggest of mouths). If you wake up in the middle of the night to the smell of onion and pickle breath, don’t forget to check under your bed for Frank the one-eyed monster seen on the packaging.

Hershey’s Chocolate Candy Corn Bar

No explanation necessary from one of the most well known products in the world with a candy corn twist. This white chocolate bar is filled with candy corn crème for a sweet taste from start to finish. Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without the addition of candy corn. Based on all the comments from the Project Candy Box Facebook group, we understood that candy corn was first on your list so we delivered a seasonal treat you are bound to love.

Skybar Zombie Food

You haven’t experienced Halloween until you’ve dined on the flesh of humans… It’s really the only way to live! Peel back the wrapper to reveal if you will be feasting on brains, hearts or feet and then just get on with it. Zombie food contains red caramel filling covered with milk chocolate. A perfect opportunity to “legally” devour some organs. Enjoy your need to feed.

Cadbury Shortcake Snacks

Back over to the UK where you can taste a combination of shortcake squares with a layer of the milkiest chocolate around. From the company that’s been pumping out more quality chocolate than anyone else, we have brought you something that you’ve likely never tried and that you’re guaranteed to love. Simplicity is the key here when you have the confidence to take shortbread, cover it in milk chocolate and rely on the quality of the ingredients to ensure success. That is what you will find with Cadbury Shortcake Snacks.

Meiji Yan Yan – Double Cream Dip

Single dip snacks are for suckers. Project Candy Box delivers you double dipped snacks instead! Peel off the top of the Yan Yan snack, arm yourself with a long, crunchy biscuit and make your choice: Will you go with chocolate, strawberry or a mix? #toughdecisions. The good news is that there are no wrong decisions because this snack is a crowd pleaser. When you mix crunchy biscuit with a thick chocolatey pudding in multiple flavors, you are bound to enjoy.

Sour Dots

Were you able to find the massive theatre box of Sour dots in your delivery? Sure you were! It’s the big one! These are your classic dots with a sour twist that you may not have seen before. The sour layer on top of several flavors adds a completely new dimension to this treat that is hard to ignore. Been awhile since you’ve snacked on dots? Start popping these into your mouth and you will be reminded about the intensely sticky texture. The Tootsie candy company is famous for candy that sticks to the roof of your mouth. Flavors include grape, orange, lemon, green apple and cherry with blasts of sour from start to finish.

Nestle Munchies

Another chocolatey treat included in your box this month have been shipped in from the UK. Although lesser known to us Canadians, Munchies have been around for since the 1950’s and contain milk chocolate, creamy caramel and a crunchy cookie center. We refer to this in the business as the “trifecta”.

BlackJack Chew Bar

A popular flavor that we haven’t introduced into our candy boxes is black licorice. Consumed around the world, most people have a lot it or hate it relationship with this type of licorice. The BlackJack Chew Bar will let you be the judge. Although the aroma is strong, the licorice itself does have other flavors hinted upon consumption. Open it up and tear if a bit of sticky licorice. You be the judge!

Galaxy Cookie Crumble

The last item on our list hails from the United Kingdom. Another international delivery available in your box. Thick milky chocolate and each piece has a cookie crunch in the middle. Sweet doesn’t properly give this bar chocolate. A powerful punch of cocoa awaits you behind the wrapper. Don’t eat it too quickly, savour it like you were eating it in a commercial.