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December Box 2016

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all our subscribers! We hope you enjoy our holiday themed candy box which is our most anticipated box of the year. In your box this month you will find an awesome selection of candy and chocolate that we’ve hand chosen to help you celebrate the end of the year in style.

Here at Project Candy Box, Canada’s top candy subscription box, we scour the planet in search of mouth watering sweets for our customers. Month after month we deliver unique items, awesome contests and our fun Box Breakdown Blog to help you learn about the items you will find in your box.

Stick with us for 2017 as we will expand our reach and deliver bigger boxes, better contests and tons of fun to our loyal, Canadian subscribers.

Oh and don’t forget that next month will be our most anticipated box of the year with Christmas themed items to bring in the holidays and we have some awesome products lined up for 2017 as we bring on more partners and look to stuff your candy boxes with more awesome products.

Let’s hop right in to the Holiday Box!

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Toxic Waste – Holiday Drums

If you’ve never tried Toxic Waste before then now is the perfect opportunity. The Christmas themed green or red barrel is filled to the rim with intensely sour candies individually packaged for your grab and go convenience. Enjoy 16 puckering candies with sour flavors such as watermelon, black cherry, apple, blue raspberry and lemon. Toxic Waste is an absolute winner every time and if you are into sour candy then you will love this holiday treat.

Peeps Candy Cane Flavored Marshmallows

Peeps are the fun-loving marshmallows that bring joy to every holiday season. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day or Halloween, there is a holiday Peep that is waiting for you. This month we are giving the gift of Peeps by including a massive box of candy cane chicks to enjoy on a cold evening with your hot chocolate. Included in this box are 10 soft marshmallow chicks that are covered in crunchy peppermint candy cane pieces. Don’t forget that even though they are cute, these chicks will not lay eggs!

Jelly Belly Holiday Mix

We are proud to bring you the holiday mix from our friends at Jelly Belly. Jelly Belly is world renowned for creating the new generation of flavor busting, mix and match jelly beans and they do not disappoint with a specially curated package of holiday beans. This package includes coconut, red apple, green apple and very cherry flavors and they work very nicely together. Another perfect holiday themed treat!

Hammonds Candy Cane Tree Ornament

What are the holiday without a classic peppermint candy cane? Nothing that’s what! But the Holiday Box is all about twists and this twisty, peppermint tree from Hammonds will look amazing on your Christmas tree. If you have the patience to wait until the 24th then find a nice place for this beautifully crafted edible ornament on your tree. Otherwise you can eat it right away, we won’t stop you.

Allsorts Licorice – South Africa

Originally made popular in Britain, allsorts is now a staple for licorice lovers and is distributed all over the world. Each large peg bag contains different flavors and assortments of licorice. Much like our bag of Wonka Randoms last month, no two bags are built the same. You will need to dig in to decide which combination is your favorite.

Where do they come up with this? Rumor has it that licorice allsorts were first discovered when Charlie Thompson, a sales representative for licorice, dropped a tray of various licorice treats while dealing with a customer. While scrambling to reorganize the mess, the customer became very intrigued by the various combinations and this sparked the idea to deliver a mixed bag of combinations that has become popular across the world.

Peppered Glazed Gingerbread – Germany

This wouldn’t be a very successful holiday themed box if we didn’t include some widely popular gingerbread flavor. The only thing is that we decided to bring it in from Germany where Kinkartz does a lovely job in developing unique gingerbread flavors. This particular sack of biscuits are flavored with a gingerbread and pepper mixture all wrapped up in a sugary glaze. Each one contains a moist center that is sweet and has a hint of pepper. A very decadent (and large) item that we knew we had to fit into this box.

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies - Scotland

Another must-have item in any holiday box are the rich and buttery shortbread cookies from the worlds most infamous shortbread maker, Walkers. From a small, Scottish bakery founded in 1910, the Walker family has grown their business over the years and now exports their shortbread to over 90 different countries across the world. Their brand and their taste is recognized as one of the words best in the flakey shortbread industry. Just peel open the pack and savor the rich taste of these buttery cookies. You will be left wanting more, that’s a fact!

E. Wedel Chocolate – Poland

Second to Germany, Poland sets the standard for chocolate across the world. That’s where we went to get this rich chocolate bar, E. Wedel. The chocolate is milky and the sweet strawberry flavor is something unique that you can enjoy this holiday season. Our goal is always to deliver quality items and this chocolate bar is a cut above!

Hammonds Toffee Brittle Dark Chocolate Bar

From peppermint ornaments to rich dark chocolate, Hammonds has been creating quality items for many years and this candy bar is no different. If you are a lover of dark chocolate, then you will be lifted into heaven when you start breaking off pieces of this chocolate bar that is jam-packed with pieces of crunchy toffee that you will enjoy fishing out of your teeth for the next few hours… at least. Pure, sweet goodness is just what the doctor ordered.

Kafe Organic Candy

Our last item is a new and interesting item from California. Kafe Organic Candy is a coffee infused hard candy that is out of this world. These small candies are packed with rich coffee flavor and contain no fats, sodium or cholesterol, all made with 3 simple ingredients! A great candy that you can feel good about eating but you will likely want to savor these because they are not available in Canada, except in your candy box of course.

Don’t forget to post your unboxing moments to our social media walls like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Amanda and her daughter are enjoying a free box this month because of her picture featured below.

From all of us here at Project Candy Box. Happy New Year. See you again for next level candy and chocolate every month!