Project Candy Box - Pages Blog-01-16
The countdown to the June box has begun:
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Happy New Year everyone! Let’s get back to business with the January 2016 Box. We are so excited for another full year of delicious treats from around the world paired with old flavors and new twists.

This month we are visiting a few different countries and bringing back lots of flavor. Here’s where we went:

Let’s start with some of the items we are really excited about. Dutch candy!


Normally we have chocolate with caramel filling but the Dutch just need to be different so here we have a roll of creamy caramel chews filled with rich milk chocolate. Meller is known for having “kick inside” and this combination of chocolate and caramel does not disappoint. Have one or two of these and then make sure to put them away… or else they may just disappear.

Hopjes Koffie

My Dutch may be rusty but after tasting these candies and reading the label, I have to assume that Koffie means coffee… I’ll let you decide. These candies may be small but they pack a ton of flavor. If you are a frequent coffee drinker (with one or two sugars added) you will love the sweet taste of these hard candies.

Star Popeye

Next up we are moving over to Korea where we have one of the most unique items that we have ever featured in our box. In this fun looking bag you will find Asian style uncooked ramen noodles with sugar candy mixed in. The big question everyone is asking is “why is there a picture of Popeye on the front?” The answer: Not even the people who create it know. If you are looking for a sweet and crunchy snack, dive into this bag and munch on the crispy ramen noodles filed with surprise sugar crystals. Another hit among our candy tasters because of the fun packaging and the overall uniqueness of the product.

Green Tea Cookies

Although this is a smaller item in our box, these matcha (or green tea) filled cookies are really tasty. We've tried including matcha products in the past and we have been receiving lots of emails begging us to include more. Here you go!

Mamba – Germany

Back to ooey gooey and chewy! These German chews called Mamba are a lot to handle. They may remind you a little bit of the Maom candy chews that we featured in our launch box. German confectionary is normally celebrated for their chocolate but the orange, strawberry, lemon and raspberry in this item does some serious justice to the taste buds. This is also our very first Vegan item.

Wispa Gold

On to more chocolate and more caramel. Wispa is one of our favorite chocolate bars and for good reason. It is made in the United Kingdom where the chocolate is pure and made with limited wax like the typical North American Halloween chocolate. So go ahead and peel back this golden wrapper. You won’t find a ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory but you will find some milky chocolate filed with liquid caramel. Enjoy this bar as if it were your last.

Cadbury Fudge Bar

Although it's not as big as the aforementioned Wispa bar, the Cadbury Fudge bar is equally as impressive. On the interior, you will find a soft finger of fudge covered in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate. Once again this item was born in the United Kingdom where even the dirt has chocolate in it (please don’t go over to England and start eating dirt).

Refresher Strawberry

We end our tour of the UK with a final soft chew called Refresher. This strawberry chew bar boasts a sherbet center and is soft and milky. Note that with all UK items there are normally no artificial flavors.

Hot Tamales – Tropical Heat

This may look familiar but you won’t find the Hot Tamales – Tropical flavors in your local grocery store. Don’t let the groovy colors fool you, there is some serious heat in the form of Mango Tango (orange), Pineapple Picante (yellow) and Limon Fever (green). Try combinations for some extra flavor.

Smog Balls

#bestforlast Smog balls are from the makers of Toxic Waste products. These items normally have a crazy sour kick to them and Smog Balls are no different. Pop open this bag of multi-flavor balls and throw a few in your mouth. Once you work away at the hard outer shell you will get hit with a sour and chewy center. This is a great item and we hope you enjoy all the different colors and the great packaging found with Toxic Waste products.

Don’t forget that we encourage unboxing reviews! If you write one on your blog or create a video review then you will receive a $5 credit for your next box. This is an excellent way to shave a few dollars off your next box. We want to hear from you and watch you enjoy your candy and chocolate this month!

See you next month for the Valentine’s Day Box!