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Meet the June Box - 2017

Candy is here! The months are heating up here and in Canada, school is almost out, freedom and travel are on everyone’s mind, Canada’s birthday is only a few short weeks away and candy has arrived. Life is good.

This month, we’re giving our shout outs to all the Father’s who fix the sink, change the oil and carry our little ones on their shoulders. In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve included a few more manly items than normal. Let’s take a peak under the hood together and learn a bit more about the items in your box.

Diving in!

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Mini Box – A sweet snacks for candy lovers.

Trolli Sour Brite Weird Bierds – James Harden Edition

For all of you basketball fans out there, James Harden and his beard are icons in the sports world. If you aren’t as well versed in the sports world, James is one of the top basketball players in the NBA and plays for the Houston Rockets. He’s also quite the candy lover and approached the Ferrara Candy Company to be featured in one of their new gummies. Ferrara obliged and created these limited edition Weird Beards with James and his beard in mind. These beardacious gummies come in three flavors and are dusted with sour crystals for a medium sour flavor that everyone can enjoy! Don’t forget to tell your basketball loving friends that you ate James Harden’s face.

Dip-n-Lik Sweet Fire Sriracha Strawberry Popping Candy

Say it five times fast… Dip-n-Lik Sweet Fire Sriracha Strawberry Popping Candy, Dip-n-Lik Sweet Fire Sriracha Strawberry Popping Candy, Dip-n-Lik Sweet Fire Sriracha Strawberry Popping Candy, Dip-n-Lik Sweet Fire Sriracha Strawberry Popping Candy, Dip-n-Lik Sweet Fire Sriracha Strawberry Popping Candy

Tough… but worth it! Let’s break down this pouch of fun flavors. This dip-n-lik pouch contains both popping candy with actual spicy sriracha flavoring and a strawberry lollipop. Your goal is top dip the lolli in the popping candy and enjoy the flavor combination that works oh so well. You can really taste the heat but the sweetness of the strawberry lollipop cuts it perfectly! This treat is not overly spicy but make sure to warn your man before he tosses the whole thing into his mouth!

Woogie Toffee Mix – Made in Italy

Enjoy an ultra bag of amazingly chewy toffee with six different flavors: Grape, green apple, lemon, cherry, strawberry and orange. These individually wrapped pieces of toffee will melt in your mouth and there are so many yummy flavors to keep you involved. There are lots of amazing treats that have come out of Italy and the Woogie brand is just one of the many tasty treats that we will introduce you to here at Project Candy Box.

Yogen Fruz Smoothies – Strawberry Banana

Are they mints? No! Is it gum? Not even! This cute tin of naturally flavored fruit + yogurt candies will certainly be one of the most unique treats that you enjoy this month (in the box and outside of it). If you’ve always wondered what a smoothie candy tastes like, then you are in luck. These Yogun Fruz are round, mint-looking candies that are soft and chalky. You can suck on them or bite into them immediately if you’d like. You instantly get a hit of the strawberry-banana flavor that is strong, tart and quite creamy. Once you bite in, the small, white tablet disintegrates in your mouth and leaves you with a sweet smoothie taste. Interesting, right? Let us know how you feel about Yogun Fruz.

Icee Squeeze Candy

Sometimes you just need a hit of pure sugar, in liquid form. This squeeze candy provides a direct injection of cherry or blue raspberry directly onto your tongue. You can carry this one around in your bag and reach for it in times of need. It’s your slurpee in bottle!

Kerr’s Double-Fruit Candy

If you’re a true Canadian, then you will recognize this iconic brand of candy that has circulated our great country since 1895. That’s over 100 years! One thing you might not know is that Kerr’s has been innovating as of recently and has come out with new lines of great hard candies and chews. If you’re keeping your eye out then you’ll see these new flavors in your local stores.

These Double-Fruit hard candies are individually wrapped sour candies with mouth-watering combinations including Cherry-Pineapple, Blue Raspberry-Grape and Peach-Green Apple. We think that these are one of the best creations to come out of the Kerr’s candy factory. Rediscover your candy dish and treat yourself and your guests to these sweets.

Jelly Belly – Sours

Enjoy a combination of Jelly Belly’s most sour creations. With flavors like Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Sour Grape, Sour Lemon and Sour orange. You can mix and match to create unique tastes as you’ve come to expect with America’s reinvention of the jelly bean. Did you know that Jelly Belly is gluten free, gelatin free, fat free and peanut free? An awesome choice of sweets to grab and go if you have health limits.

Regular Candy Box – For those who need a bit more sugar in their life.

Brach’s Maple Nut Goodies – Peanut Alert!

The iconic Brach’s brand is an American favorite and the Maple Nut Goodies are one of their top sellers. A truly unique combination of roasted peanuts and real maple syrup come together in this bag. Enjoy a creamy layer of fudgy maple flavor with an extremely crunchy peanut center. You’ve never tasted anything quite like this.

Dippin Dot’s Gumballs

If you haven’t heard of Dippin’ Dots ice cream then you are really missing out. They are miniature ice cream “dots” that literally melt in your mouth. A perfect treat on a hot day and the flavors are unreal. These Dippin’ Dots Gumballs are presented in a pack of 6 and hidden in the center of these gumballs are small hard candies to represent their uniquely dotty product.

Pocky Biscuit Sticks – Strawberry

Pocky has quickly become one of Thailand’s most popular international treats. With a strong presence building in North America, you may have seen these treats being given out for desert in Asian restaurants. The hype is certainly justified as these biscuit sticks covered in various cream flavors are fun and delicious. We’ve included the most popular strawberry flavor because of the unique taste. The combination of crunchy and creamy work incredible together. A delicious treat that will be opened and finished in a hurry.

Bonus Item – Jawgantic Jawbreaker with Gum Center

Hey, sometimes things happen that are out of control and this month, there was a delay in shipment. We want to thank all of you for your patience in this matter. But our loss has become your gain, especially if you enjoy oversized jawbreakers with a bubblegum center. This month your bonus items is a massive layered jawbreaker. If you are a shark then you will have no issue popping this in your mouth, but for all of us regular people, you may want to start licking away at this slowly and work towards a manageable treat.

That's it that's all!

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