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We have another fantastic lineup of items for the month of June. A mixture of moist cakes, chewy licorice, fizzy rocks, gum and more. Dare we say it? Best box yet… But we’ll let you be the judge!

Before we jump in, its worth noting that just because we live in Canada, doesn’t mean we are behind the candy chain. Our team recently spent time at the biggest candy show on earth and we now have our eyes on even more candy from all over the world. The best candy box in Canada will get even better with exclusive items, some of which aren’t available on the shelves… anywhere!

Stay on the lookout for some real quality candy and chocolate as we treat you to the best delivery service in Canada. Project Candy Box.

Let’s jump in to our items this month

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Pop Rocks – Chocolate

I know… we didn’t believe it either. Then we tried it. All the classic popping and fizzing you know and love from Pop Rocks, now covered in milk chocolate. If you are a fan of Pop Rocks, you may have tried all of their flavors including (but not limited to): Grape, Green Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, Bubble Gum and Watermelon. Chocolate however, may be the best flavor that the American Pop Rocks Inc. has produced. How about you start your cravings with this little treat before you move on to your second item.

Mentos Shakies
The Netherlands

Although we have included Mentos candy in the past, it has never been like this. Mentos Shakies is the newest product in the line of chewy mints (that explodes when mixed with coke… or was that diet coke?). This time, Mentos has gone for a milkshake theme with banana, strawberry and peach shake flavors. The cool thing is that you actually taste the milky and thick milkshake flavors! This product is exclusively available in The Netherlands so you will be enjoying an item that you probably won’t see at your corner store. Enjoy!

Guinness Chips – Rich Chili
United Kingdom

More specifically, Burts thick cut, hand cooked potato chips. As promised in our feature this month, are some incredibly flavorful chips dusted with chili. The smoky flavor and crunch is certainly unlike anything you have probably ever tasted and let’s be honest, it’s fun to munch on chips brought to you by the makers of Guinness beer (you youngsters may not get it). Savor these as you won’t find them anywhere close to home.

Razzles – Fizzles

You may be familiar with Razzles but this flavor definitely takes the cake. If you are not familiar, Razzles are a candy that once chewed, turns into gum. I know that sounds crazy but hey… we don’t make the rules, we just put them in the box. The slogan for Razzles when they were introduced in 1966 goes like this “First it's a candy, then it's a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun.”
Fizzles are a newer version of Razzles that takes a two step process and turns it into three. First its candy, then it fizzles in your mouth and finally turns into gum. It’s all about layers! #YUM

Enjoy Kek

Let’s slow it down a bit and take a look at a beautiful chocolate piece of cake featured in our box this month. Enjoy Kek is a soft and fluffy marble cake from Turkey. Hidden in the middle of this pastry is chocolate sauce mixture that really adds a different texture and taste. There are lots of Turkish treasures that are buried across world but in June, we start introducing some of these treats while we promise a few more in the future.

Take a look at some Turkish treats that may or may not be known to you: Turkish Treats

Unicorn Pop

Unicorn pops might not be the most popular lollipops in the world, but they sure are the most memorable looking. These rainbow colored twisted lollipops are one of the joys of childhood. Unicorn lollipops have been sold for age's and almost everyone has tried one. They are extremely tasty and the look of them just make the enjoyment of them even better.

Curly Wurly
United Kingdom

Sometimes we go back to items that we’ve included in past boxes. Why do we do that you may ask? Because they were so widely enjoyed that we basically have no choice. So! Back by popular demand, and maybe not for the hundreds of new candy box subscribers, we give you the UK powerhouse in a small braided strip. The Curly Wurly is a light, milk chocolate covered caramel bar that was born in England and continues to live a brilliant life bathed in rich and smooth UK chocolate.

Allan Laces

Do you like playing with your food? With Allan Laces you can string together foot after food of lacey licorice. A word of caution, although the packaging clearly illustrates you being able to lace up your sneakers, we would not recommend it as these laces tend to break (and of course there is obvious sanitation issues). Enjoy the potent flavor of grape, spearmint and strawberry as you wrap yards of licorice around your neck in an “attempt” to save some for later.

Fritt Chews

We are extremely excited about including German Fritt chews in our box this month, but don’t just take our advice, we saw a very fun YouTube video that we think describes the product quite well. Take it away “German Candy Taster”.

Goetze Caramel Creams

The legacy of caramel creams by Goetze is a nice story. The family owned business has been around since before the 1900’s and they have been very consistent in making their caramels over the years. Although the come in lots of different flavors including: strawberry, chocolate, caramel apple, licorice and crispy rice and marshmallow, we have included the original caramel creams in our candy box because sometimes the originals are better. So what we have are rich and chewy caramels loaded with a soft milky cream center. You can immediately see the contrast when you look at the individual pieces.

Paint Splash

Finally, our June box has come to an end and we are all very sad and our stomachs hurt. Now do yourself a favor and unpack your can of paint, dip your paintbrush and start painting your tongue with awesome sugar crystals found in your Paint Splash tin. You will be in line for one last sugar high. If your paint brush runs out, just get creative and grab another lollipop like the unicorn pop!


Next month we have a very special featured product coming from the makers of Toxic Waste. This is called Slime Lickers and was just unveiled at the “Sweets and Snacks Expo” last month for the first time! Project Candy Box has gotten our hands on this product and will be featuring it in the July Box! So stick around and tell your friends because there are tons of surprises every month in Project Candy Box!