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Meet the March Box - 2017

Part of Project Candy Box is discovering sweets from all over the world. Every month, we deliver international sweets in your candy box and we vow to continue doing this.

For the month of March, we’ve delivered a 100% international box experience to your door. From time to time, we all need to experience a different culture, so naturally trying candy and chocolate from around the world is a great way to take a trip without taking a trip!

This is what hundreds of our awesome subscribers have come to expect from their candy deliveries and we don’t like to disappoint!

We hope you enjoy the international box. Don’t forget to submit your pictures and tell us which countries have your favorite treats.

Let’s start in the Philippines shall we?

Without further adieu, we will break down a few of the items found in the Love Box this month. Some of these items will look familiar so we will separate our breakdown blog into themed candy and international candy.

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Fudgee Bar – Philippines

No this is not a typo, there are two “e’s” and two “r’s” at the end of this cake from the Philippines. Suncrest Foods Incorporated is baked goods producing company from Asia and their Fudgee Barr is one of their top sellers. Available in a variety of flavors including more known flavors such as Coffee with Milk, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate as well as more local flavors like Macapuno and Durian. Macapuno is a similar flavor to coconut and Durian which is a fruit that is known to have an odd smell but has been described as diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream… We ended up giving you the chocolate.

The barr itself is a moist chocolate cake filled with liquid chocolate center. A very tasty treat!

Butter Caramel Candy – Philippines

Another treat from the other side of the world is a big bag of butter caramel candy from X.O in the Philippines. These caramels are irresistibly good and there’s a lot of them! We encourage you to do a taste test with another caramel like Werther’s Original. These smaller caramels have a very smooth texture and rich flavor that is comparatively better than any normal caramel on the market.

Cream Collon – Japan

One of the sweeter items in the March box are the Cream Collon from Japan. They a change of pace from the normal sweets but don’t be fooled, behind a few layers of packaging and a thin, waffle cone like exterior, there is an intensely sweet vanilla filling that is extremely popular within the Asian community.

Oh yes and there is a cool little prize included in your Cream Collon box. They are collectible stamps. Grab some ink, dip and stamp away!

Dip Dab – UK

Our first item from Europe is an awesome Dip Dab which includes a bag full of fizzy powder and a strawberry flavored sucker. The concept is similar to a Wonka Fun Dip but the flavors are epically better. Rip the bag open and oil up your strawberry sucker with your tongue, this will be your tool for the next several minutes. Once your lollipop is wet, you can dip and lick away. The sherbet powder in the bag has a delicious fizzy taste. It may not look like much but Dip Dab is always an awesome treat!

Yorkie Bar – UK

We always rant and rave about UK chocolate so before the Canadian snow melts and we are forced to replace our chocolate items with products that won’t melt, we give you Yorkie Bar! Yorkie is a perfect example of how a product can survive and thrive with simple, quality ingredients. Enjoy big chunks of milk chocolate melt apart in your mouth. Yorkie Bars are great!

Fresh and Fruity Kwasne – Poland

Our Polish item of the month is a big bag of sour jellies from our friends at Wawel. If you remember, we included a similar big bag of Tofflairs candy and our subscribers have been raving about it ever since. So we’re excited to hear the feedback from these fruit jellies with a sour coating on the outside and a liquid jelly center. Lots of great flavors including cola and lime, kiwi and lemon.

Kranky – Mexico

More like happy… like happy that we have Kranky… get it? Well even if you didn’t get the joke, you got some yummy Kranky chocolate covered corn flake snacks from Mexico. Don’t let the package size fool you, the snacks are packed tight within the bright red packaging. A chocolate punch with a crunchy kick. Similar to our North American Crunch bar.

Duvalin Frosting and Manita De La Suerta – Mexico

Although Mexican candy and chocolate normally come in small packaging, the flavors are big! Nothing proves this more than Duvalin frosting and Manita lollipops. The package of Duvalin chocolate and hazelnut included in your box has a thick, fudgy consistency. If you can find a spoon, then grab one but if not, just use your fingers and scoop out chunks of frosting and let the savoring begin! The balance of chocolate and hazelnut work extremely well together.

The Manita De La Suerta lollipop is also very tasty. One of the more flavorful suckers that we’ve ever included in our boxes. There is no spicy chili on this item like past Mexican treats, just the sweetness of strawberry and cherry flavor on a “talk to the hand” style lollipop. It is believed that Manita De La Suerta lollipops bring good luck to it’s devourer.

Caramel Waffles – The Netherlands

As our sneak peek revealed, there was a tasty waffle caramel syrup treat included in your box. Dutch syrup waffles are all the craze in the Netherlands. Enjoy flaky battered waffles with a creamy caramel center. A fun snack that's best enjoyed with coffee or tea! In Amsterdam, the Dutch rest their waffles on top of their hot drink, heating up their waffles and filling, making this treat even more enjoyable!

Lucas Salsaghetti – Mexico

Before you pass judgement on a candy product that’s name is a mix between salsa and spaghetti, understand that our goal is not to hurt you. Lucas, a popular candy company in Mexico has seen success from their Salsaghetti product for many years. It’s ultimately impressive the type of presence this product has within the Mexican community. Salsaghetti contains spicy, sweet and sour pieces of licorice with a hot liquid candy called Gusano (the translation is not important). Carefully open the liquid candy and use it as a dipping sauce for your licorice. Lucas takes eating candy and makes it a fun activity with the fun packaging and intense flavors. No knife and fork for this Salsaghetti.

April Sneak Peak!

One of the best international brands that we’ve discovered that’s not available in Canada is Fini from Spain! This month, in honor of Easter and Spring, you will receive a special Spanish gummy item from Fini that will help you transition away from the snow and into the warm months ahead.