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Welcome to the Box Breakdown Blog where we go over all of the items that are included in your monthly candy box. Tons of colors and flavors included in the May box and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Our Canadian candy box continues to grow month after month because the support and feedback of our great customers.

This month we are excited to walk you through our items that are new, hard to find and international!

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Let’s dive in!

MegaLoad King Size Variety Pack – Original

You’ve probably gravitated to this item immediately because of how large it is. This item is basically Reeces Peanut Butter Cups on steroids; and by steroids we mean that they are topped with cookie dough, candy coated chocolate and Oreos! This USA born candy is found mostly in specialty candy stores and comes in a variety of flavors that we may explore in the near future. MegaLoad continues to expand their product line and create a name for themselves on the candy shelves. Take a look at this video from their president!

Cow Tail – Caramel Apple

Cow Tails are the most nostalgic item in the May Box. This chewy treat packs tons of flavor into a long strip. This particular version may be their best yet because they chewy tail goes great with the tart apple and caramel. This is one of the items that you should savor slowly instead of jamming and perhaps hide in your secret cupboard. Yes, it’s that good! Tip: Pop it in the microwave for a few seconds because it is best enjoyed warm.

Chewy Spree Candy

Sweet, sour, chewy and colorful. Wonka’s line of Spree candy has never disappointed us and this bag of Chewy Spree also lives up to the Wonka name. The Oompa Loompas were on their game when they put together these hard coated soft chews in the factory. Enjoy the range of cherry, orange, lemon, apple and grape inside the bag.

Warhead Sour Coolers

Maybe the most interesting and different item in the box this month is another winner from Warheads. These sour coolers offer layers of interesting flavors including sour, sweet and then a surprisingly minty cooling crystals with a taste that tickles your pallet. No surprise that the roll is made of a great selection of green apple, watermelon, lemon, blue raspberry and cherry. If you are not a fan of the normally extreme sour Warheads, you don’t have to worry as this item is not as intense but still kicks you in the mouth.

Popcorn Balls - Twin Pack

Now onto something a bit saltier. We’ve included two large balls of popcorn this month… I know that isn’t the most appetizing sentence ever but give them a try and you won’t be disappointed. These gigantic balls of popcorn are gluten free and only contain 220 calories per package. Not bad for popcorn covered in a caramelized sugar. Now this is one item that cannot be eaten without making a mess so just embrace the mess and dive right in!

Caramac Bar

A true gem from Nestle, the UK Caramac bar is a lesson on how to make amazing chocolate. The idea is so simple and clean: a chocolate bar infused with caramel. All you need to do is break off a small piece, pop it into your mouth and then close your eyes while the thing slice of chocolate melts away. Then rinse and repeat. Right down to the beautiful packaging, the Caramac bar is a winner and should be enjoyed thoroughly.

Chewy Lemonhead – Fiercely Citrus

You may have noticed a huge colorful box marked “chewy lemonhead”. Although this is a familiar candy brand, the packaging may look a bit different because this is a new item from the popular lemonhead line. This fiercely citrus theatre box contains an array of unique citrus flavors like strawberry lemonade, pink lemonade, lemon and lemon lime.

Original Sesame

This classic snack needs no introduction. A simple sesame snack covered in caramelized honey that snaps off and melts in your mouth.

Cadbury Starbar

This chocolate bar is another beautifully packaged item from the UK. The Starbar is a soft peanut center, surrounded by a thick caramel coating and then finished with rich milk chocolate. Although not as popular as a more common Mars, Twix or Milky Way, the Starbar has always had a strong following. This is in part because of the taste but comes back to smaller things like the packaging, the strong smell of chocolate and smooth/salty peanut butter. If you had our box last month you will notice similarities between the Starbar and the Boost bar, both in shape, size and taste.

Lion Japanese soda candy

Last in our box this month hails from Japan and although small, packs the most flavor out of any of the items included in the May Box. These individually wrapped cola candies have a hard soda exterior and are filled with fizzy fun. Everything from the taste right down to the color is spot on. This is one awesome treat!

We hope you enjoyed the Box Breakdown Blog this month. We have some fun surprises that you will love next month. Make sure to stick with us for the June Box and enjoy your summer!
The Project Candy Box Team.