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Meet the February Box - 2017

Hello again everyone and welcome to our new subscription club members. We hope that you will “love” the February box which has lots of goodies that are themed for Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve received this box as a gift then you should feel extremely important because nothing says I love you more than a box full of candy and chocolate from Canada’s number one candy subscription box.

We also want to thank our social media followers who participated in our contests this month and congratulate our poem contest winners who wrote in some awesome candy themed poetry.

Congratulations to:

  • Mags Gammon - Nova Scotia
  • Claudia Belle - British Columbia
  • Amber Cowan - Ontario

Without further adieu, we will break down a few of the items found in the Love Box this month. Some of these items will look familiar so we will separate our breakdown blog into themed candy and international candy.

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Our crew working hard at our new warehouse

Themed Candy - Exclusive Items

  • Brach’s Tart Conversation Hearts
  • Trolli Sour Brite Hearts
  • Brach’s Valen Tiny’s

Themed Candy - Available Items:

  • Dizzy Pop
  • Jelly Belly Conversations Beans
  • Sweetarts Plastic Hearts

Duetto Gingerbread - Poland

Enjoy a large gingerbread treat all the way from Poland. These lovable hearts contain soft gingerbread covered in a sugar glaze and partially dipped in chocolate.

Maitre Truffout Strawberry Crème Chocolate – Austria or Maitre Truffout Yogurt-Strawberry Chocolate – Austria

We've included some Austrian chocolate this month. Afterall, what's a Valentine's Day box without some chocolate? If you are wondering what Erdbeer means, look no further than the red berries on the packaging. Erdbeer is German for strawberry and you should receive one of two strawberry flavored chocolate bars including strawberry yogurt or strawberry creme. These big bars are guaranteed to satisfy your choco cravings.

Vidal Turtle Gummi’s – Spain and Vidal Rolla Belta – Spain

One of Spains biggest brands of gummi is now featured in your very own Project Candy Box. The big bag you will see is full of cute little turtles. Don't stress, no turtles were harmed in the making of this candy box. Notice the detail, Vidal has been around for over 50 years making amazing gummis. You will notice right away the difference in taste from what you are used to. These turtles have a shell full of jelly that tastes almost like vanilla. The extra treat is a sour belt roll, also from Vidal. Amazing watermelon flavor and sour crystals. Both items were huge hits with our tasting team.

Maitre Truffout – I Love You Milk Chocolate – Austria

Ok, maybe we are being a bit sappy but we found these milk chocolates in Austria as well and thought that it would be a perfect fit for our February Box. Don't you agree? Sometimes the simplest items are the best afterall. Enjoy a thin, milk chocolate bar split into five "lovely" pieces. A shareable item that you can split with someone you care about.

March is the International Candy Box Theme

Don’t forget, next month, we are introducing the international box that will be stuffed with only goodies from outside North America. This is a Project Candy Box first and we look forward to doing more cool themes that feature international candy and chocolate.