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The Retro Box - January 2017

Who could of thought of a better way to bring in the new year then to start all of our subscribers off with a blast from the past. Candy and chocolate have been around for many years. Inspiring stories of 21st century candy giants are told every day. Small bakeries expanding their operations over 50 years, immigrants coming over to North America and selling original recipes from street carts and family run businesses building a reputation over quality products are just some of the great stories of how these candy companies have built their legacies.

We are privileged to bring you a candy box full of retro items that have survived through the ages because they are so darn tasty. Some of these items can only be found in specialty shops while others are waiting in your local corner store. If you haven’t seen these candies, then you will be discovering some of the great treasures in candy history.

We hope you enjoy!

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Featured Item - Astropop

From a product that’s slogan is literally “feel like a kid again”, comes the 3-colored rocket pop that is a staple in the retro candy world. We featured this product in your box this month because of the endless feedback that we received from Canadian customers who remembers this product well.

The Astropop was introduced in the 1960’s and rose to popularity because of how the rocket shape tied into the buzz of space travel. The rocket shaped cone includes 3 layers of flavor: pineapple, passionfruit and cherry.

Another cool note about the Astropop was how they were made. Instead of using actual molds, their manufacturers used the plastic wrapping as the mold and free poured the candy in just like that! Capped off with a stick and some wax, there you have it, the Astropop!

Lotsa – Fizz

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy these flavored hard candies stuffed with a fizzy center. For as long as we can remember, these have been available at specialty candy stores, attached to each other in groups of five. You would buy Fizz in belts and one at a time, rip each candy open with your teeth and start searching for the fizzy flavor hidden within. Normally found in grape, orange and cherry, you may notice that they color of the packaging does not always match the treat within. Don’t trust us? See for yourself!


These wax bottles filled with juice are a staple in retro candy history. You may have seen these in bulk stores or next to the Fizz belts in your towns old style candy shop. What you want to do is bite off the wax top and then enjoy the syrup flavors within. We’ve made sure to pack an extra large pack of wax bottles so that you can drink syrup and chew on wax until the cows come home!

Note: Eating wax is not a good idea nor is it fun but you can it is fun to chew on your wax bottles.

Love Beads – Candy Necklace

It’s wearable, edible, art! You wear it around your neck! It’s genius!

It’s very hard to resist not including candy jewellery in a retro candy box. If you’ve never seen this before, you simply where the candy beads around your neck and bite at them whenever you are hungry. The problem is that when it runs out, you are only left with a string around your neck. Not exactly a fashion statement!

Necco – Candy Buttons

The colorful pallet of candy buttons you see on this long strip of paper is one of our favorite items. The combination of simplicity, color and flavor makes Candy Buttons an amazing treat for kids and adults alike. Naturally, you will start peeling each button being very careful to limit the amount of paper that comes off with it. As you move down the line, you will sample different flavors as the candy dots melt in your mouth.

Best part about it… there are two big strips of candy buttons!

Plastic Fruit

Just because these candies are buried in pieces of plastic fruit does not necessarily mean that they are healthy for you. These plastic fruits are filled with hard, fruit flavored, candy balls. We thought we would include a few extra so that you can try as many fruit flavors as possible. If you are going on a long trip then pack a plastic fruit with candy in the middle.

Melody Pop

What makes you feel younger than a piece of candy that creates music? Not too much. The melody pop is a whistle that is created entirely with candy. If that doesn’t blow your mind then not much will. Once you get over that information then you can grab your whistle pop and start making beautiful music. The strawberry pop is fun to play with and tastes great. Enjoy!

Mamba – Germany

We’ve had lots of hard candy included in the box this month. We thought we would change it up and include a nice big bag of chews. There are no better flavors then the ones included in Germany’s favorite line of Mamba fruit chews. This massive back of individually wrapped chews come in a variety of awesome flavors including lemon, strawberry, raspberry and orange. Another fun fact about these chews is that they are vegan. An ingredient in many types of candy is gelatin and the Mamba line is made entirely without any animal products.

Tofflairs – Poland

Another great find in January box is a sweet treat called Tofflairs from the candy powerhouse of Poland. We’ve featured a lot of European candy and chocolate but these Tofflairs are truly unique and extremely tasty. Essentially you have a large bag of hard caramels with a payload of chocolate buried inside. can choose to quickly break through the caramel and enjoy the smooth, milky chocolate and caramel all together or slowly work your way through the caramel. There is no wrong way to eat Tofflairs. You will be glad you found this one.

Garbage Can-dy

We know this may seem like a bit of a stretch. After all, who wants to eat garbage. If that is your fetish, then you will be happy to see a few garbage cans stuffed with dead fish, old sneakers, canned soup, dog bones and other flavored treasures. In this case, all the items are edible and they taste great.

Garbage Can-dy (along with Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids) were the invention of Art Spiegelman, who at the time was working in the product development department at Topps Bubble Gum. Years later, Spiegelman went on to earn a special Pulitzer Prize honoring his graphic novel memoir of the holocaust Maus for which he was the writer and artist. You rarely hear of the people directly responsible for the little things you loved as a kid, and I couldn’t help but share this interesting little fact. (Thanks Art!)

What did’ya get?

Not all candy boxes this month are built the same, we decided to throw a curve ball and give a few different items in your box. The following are some old school candy and chocolate bars that may or may not be in your box. Take a picture of the ones that you got and make sure to post them on our Facebook page!

  • Whoppers
  • Clark Bar
  • 5th Avenue
  • 100 Grand
  • Bit-o-Honey
  • Mallow Cups

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See you next month for the Love Box!