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August Box 2016

This month we’ve gone out of our way to stock your monthly candy box with amazing North American items that you’re guaranteed to love. We’ve already started to see pictures and videos of customers tearing through their candy boxes at alarming rates!

As we normally do every month here at Project Candy Box, we are supplying you with a breakdown of each item, where they are from and fun facts that you’ll love.

Let’s jump in to one of the heaviest boxes we’ve sent out across Canada, the August 2016 candy box.

Haribo Raspberries

Don’t forget to pronounce the “p”! RasPberries.

You know there very few guaranteed things in life.

  1. Your mother is guaranteed to make you feel better when you’re sick.
  2. When it’s your birthday, the people closest to you are guaranteed to make you feel special
  3. Haribo gummies are guaranteed to be top of the line!

A bit extreme but you get the picture, Haribo is a quality candy company which is why we try to include their gummies in your box as much as possible. Needless to say we were blown away by the taste and texture of the Haribo Raspberries (as well as the gracious size of the bag). The red and black berries gummies are coated in small candy balls. When you dig into the center of each treat you get a blast of flavorful gummy that is quite unique.

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape – Tangy Tropical

This nostalgic item never gets old. Especially when it’s a flavor that you’ve never tried. Do you have a friend who is 6 feet high? Well this roll of tape, unraveled, can measure him (or her) from top to bottom. Think about it! That’s a lot of tangy tropical fruit flavor!

We would tell you to try and make roll of bubble tape last but you probably can’t get through 6 feet of bubble gum in one sitting. Warning: That was not a challenge!

Hot Lips

What did you just call me? Oh right the candy…

It’s always nice to get a little bit of spicy cinnamon. These hot lips by The Allan Candy Company aren’t overpowering with cinnamon, they have just the right tough of heat, a great chewy texture and come on, they look like juicy lips. All the makings of a great date night candy.

Another item this month with a pretty generous helping of sugar, these Hot Lips are a great flavor twist.

M&M Dark Mint

A familiar name with another sweet twist. Much like cinnamon, mint chocolate can sometimes be hit and other times miss. To be a good candy lover, you need to at least know your flavors and M&M didn’t get to be one of the biggest chocolate brands in the world by creating sub par items. So give the dark minty chocolates a chance and worst comes to worst, just replace your toothpaste with this pack for the next week.

Emojeez Gummies

Now we have a problem, two large gummy items with amazing taste and flavor. Life is pretty tough all around. New to the gummy game is the Emojeez gummy brand, it is brought to us by the makers of Welches candy and snacks. This is interesting to note because when you start tearing into this theatre sized box of winky faces, fist bump and other emoticons stolen from your local social media website, you can really taste the fruit flavors of green apple, orange, fruit punch, lemon, cherry and blue raspberry on your tongue.

Ultimately you should be posting this one on social media because nothing in the land of new candy is more timely than a box full of emoji gummies. Thus its your duty has humans to brag about it to your friends!


Dip and licks are just plain fun. Everyone is always telling us not to play with our food but ultimately they don’t know how to have fun. With dip and lick items like Popcifier, playing with your food is the point. Admittedly, the hardest part is getting the wrapper off of this (give yourself a pat on the back and a bit of a chuckle if you get the irony in a baby product that’s difficult to open). Once you get through the wrapping though, it’s smooth sailing ahead. Make sure to make your best cute infant impression as you dip the twisted flavors into the sugar powder and then say googoo gaga!

Charms – Boutique Premium Lollipops

From baby toys to premium lollipops to a crème brulee lollipop, we are shifting gears quickly here in the world of unique sweet treats. We think you are really going to love this new product from Charms. You are also going to really appreciate how incredibly close Charms got the flavors of their lollipops to match decadent items such as root beer float, raspberry lemon tart, birthday cake, orange cream, caramel latte and strawberry cheesecake. Although we could only give you 2 flavors (budget cuts), we hope you get a good taste of this new product and keep an eye out when it hits the stores.

Kenny’s Juicy Twists - Orange

Candy boxes just aren’t the same without a hit of licorice. The Kenny’s line is an American licorice company that includes not so familiar flavors. We chose to include a gracious pack of orange licorice this month in your candy box because orange is a great transition flavor that is unique to the world of licorice. It’s a gateway flavor into the world of crazy licorice!

Hi Chews – Peach

Although this isn’t a massive peg bag full of candy, the quality of these Asian peach high chews is worth checking out. Each piece is loaded with a chewy peachy taste. You don’t really need a translation on this packaging to realize that this is a hit and you should savor the time that these peach high chews are in your life. This is a Project Candy Box no share item!


Last but not least, enjoy a long tube full of Sixlets candy coated milk chocolate. Although in theory, Sixlets sound very similar to M&M’s, Sixlets have a way different taste which can only be described as orangy and malty. Moreover, the candy exterior is much thicker and delivers a louder crunch when you sink your teeth in.

Fun Fact: Sixlets came to be owned under the Hershey’s company after Hershey acquired the Ovation brand. The same brand that owns Whoppers! Is that why Sixlets tastes of malt? You decide!

This concludes the monthly breakdown of your box! September is around the corner and we will get back to our normal delivery schedule and make sure we pack your next boxes with more chocolate as the weather cools down.

Reminder: Monthly box customers can earn free candy boxes by taking part in our referral program! For every 3 friends who place orders, you will receive a free box. No shipping fees or taxes… just free! So get the word out and you can get free candy for the rest of your life. You would just need a lot of friends.